Character: Josh Reston
Created by: Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman
Other cast: Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, Tate Donovan
Episodes: 2x03, 2x04, 3x05, 3x07, 3x12
Original airdate: January 21, 2009 (I Knew Your Pig), January 28, 2009 (Hey! Mr. Pibb), February 2, 2010 (It's Not My Birthday), March 08, 2010 (You Haven't Replaced Me), April 12, 2010 (You Were His Little Monkey)
Episode title: 2x03 'I Knew Your Pig, 2x04 'Hey! Mr. Pibb', 3xo5 'It's Not My Birthday', 3x07 'You Haven't Replaced Me', 3x12 'You Were His Little Monkey'
Genre: Legal drama, Psychological thriller, Crime Mystery
Running time: 40–60 minutes

A law school graduate becomes the protégée of a successful high-stakes litigator.

2×03 ‘I Knew Your Pig’

Ellen begins to explore Patty’s relationship with Daniel Purcell. He was a witness in a big case 10 years before and Patty tore him to shreds during his deposition. Ellen begins to wonder if Patty paid him off but their relationship goes back much further and is much more meaningful than that of client and solicitor. As Patty has decided not to take on the child medical care case, the FBI want Ellen to slow down a bit as they are afraid Patty might get wind of what is going on. They also remind Ellen that this kind of sting may take years to come to fruition. Purcell finds himself in jail when the police arrest him trying to leave the country.

2×04 ‘Hey! Mr. Pibb’

Patty’s investigators track down the missing ring and a security camera provides them with a photo of the man who pawned it. The police soon make an arrest and Daniel Purcell identifies him as the man who attacked him and killed his wife. Patty’s hopes of forcing the company to reveal its doctored environmental reports are dashed when Purcell, under oath, inexplicably refuses to accuse them of fraud. Tom and Ellen travel south to find journalist Josh Reston. They soon realize that they are dealing with powerful foes that will use every opportunity to stop them.

3xo5 ‘It’s Not My Birthday’

Louis Tobin’s suicide is ruled a heart attack though no one really believes that to be the case. Danielle Marchetti is now out of her coma and the DA and Ellen offer her immunity from prosecution if she tells all that she knows about Tobin. Joe Tobin tells her in no uncertain terms what he expects of her. Patty suggests that she plead the 5th. Louis’ daughter Carol doesn’t take the news that her father committed suicide very well and pays Danielle a visit. Louis’ relationship with Danielle is explained as is his reason for wanting to get her out of the country. Ellen meets her old friend Josh who is now a crime reporter. Meanwhile, Patty interviews a candidate, Alex Benjamin, for an associate position and suggests she should speak to Ellen first. In a flash forward 5 months into the future, more of Tom Shayes situation is revealed.

3×07 ‘You Haven’t Replaced Me’

Patty sends Tom out of the country to follow the money trail of the Tobin fraud. Ellen must choose between her new boss and Patty. Leonard Winstone leaves the city under mysterious circumstances.

3×12 ‘You Were His Little Monkey’

Patty Hewes meets with Judge Reilly who, given the events in Antigua, decides she is making enough progress to keep her on the Tobin case. While she is very appreciative of his decision, he goes on to tell her about Tom Shayes’ financial situation and the loss of all his assets in Louis Tobin’s Ponzi scheme. She tells Tom there is only one thing he can do. Ellen meanwhile is surprised when her boss tells that she will be co-prosecuting Carol Tobin for the murder of Danielle Marchetti. Arthur Frobisher oversteps the line when he alludes to the actor portraying him in a film that he once arranged to have someone murdered. When Patty gets hold of the information she goes straight to the DA and Ellen is now hopeful that the murder of her late fiancée David, will now be solved. Leonard Winstone’s past comes to light and Ellen makes sure that Joe Tobin knows the details.