CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Character: Sean Yeager
Created by: Anthony E. Zuiker
Episodes: 14x06, 14x08, 14x13
Original airdate: October 30, 2013 (Passed Pawns), November 14, 2013 (Helpless), January 22, 2014 (Boston Brakes)
Episode title: Season 14: Episode 06 'Passed Pawns', Episode 08 'Helpless', Episode 13 'Boston Brakes'
Genre: Police Procedural, Crime Drama
Running time: 1 hr

An elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Las Vegas.

14×06 ‘Passed Pawns’

A homeless man is found dead in an alley after suspiciously winning big at a casino, and CSI soon finds connections between the victim, two casino employees, and a local pawn shop.

14×08 ‘Helpless’

CSI investigates a homicide involving a victim found in a human-sized hamster ball, and Brody gets some help as she tries to find a serial rapist.

14×13 ‘Boston Brakes’

An investigative journalist appears to have been killed in a car accident, but CSI soon discovers that he is still alive and trying to uncover the truth behind a top-secret military project.