Jan 8th: Photos: MQ Events (September-December 2000)

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Small update to the gallery of 36 photos, I’ve finished uploading events from the year 2000, including the premieres of Tigerland, Quills and Chocolat:

September 19, 2000 – Urban Legends: Final Cut Westwood Premiere

October 03, 2000 – Tigerland Premiere

November 01, 2000 – Men of Honor Los Angeles Premiere

November 20, 2000 – Quills Premiere

December 11, 2000 – Chocolat Los Angeles Premiere

December 14, 2000 – Traffic Los Angeles Premiere

December 20, 2000 – Dracula 2000 West Coast Premiere

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Jan 4th: Updates: Gallery Images Fixed

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I’ve finally fixed the missing and half-uploaded photos in the photo gallery, specifically the screencaptures. I’m working on making sure there are no more broken images. I didn’t realize how many there were so thanks to everyone who let me know about those!

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Sep 18th: Updates: Coming Soon

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Just a quick update, the gallery is being slowly restored (which gives me an excuse to better organize it) and I’m combing my computer and tablet for the old page content. Until then, Matt Davis Fan is coming back soon!